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Here at the Editing Connection, you will learn some tips and tricks on professional writing from a science editor with experience in business and hiring.

The resources I share are designed to help 

  • scientists and other professionals convey technical content clearly and effectively,

  • job seekers write a convincing resume and cover letter,

  • everyone improve business communication through plain language principles,

  • people who speak English as a second language reach their potential.


I understand that effective written communication is key to your professional success. Whether you are a biomedical scientist like me or a professional in a different field, I am here to help you impress your audience. 

My goal is to help you succeed by improving your writing skills. Have a look at the free resources this site offers and send me a message if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback. I would love to hear from you!

How I Can Help You



your goal

Whether your goal is to

  • publish a manuscript,

  • persuade an agency to fund you,

  • impress a hiring manager,

  • inform your audience, or

  • educate a broad readership,

here you can learn how to make your writing more effective. 



your resume

Whether you would like to

  • optimize the content and presentation of your resume and cover letter strategically,

  • perfect your English writing style, or

  • ensure your application has no grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors,

here you will find some helpful tips.



your skills

Many of us do not receive adequate training in professional writing as part of our education. It’s time to address this skill gap!

This website will help you get started on your journey to improve your professional writing skills.


If you are burning to learn more, here you will find a list of useful resources to continue your journey.


Anchor Testimonials

I was lucky to find Nina at correct time as I was completely unaware about what recruitment agency actual search in a resume and cover letter. Ma'am guidance and review points helped me to understand how I should make my application work well. She gave me prompt reply whenever I mailed her and resolve my query instantly and also posted job opportunity where I can apply. Because her help and support I am applying for the first position of work in Canada and she raised my confidence.

~ Kevin S., India


Nina helped me update my resume and cover letter. Her ability to help me think outside of the box was amazing! Her suggestions on how to make my resume come to life were wonderful, and she was supportive throughout the whole process. Thanks again Nina!

~ Lorraine K., Canada

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