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Tips for Job Applicants

10 Tips to Americanize Your

Job Application

Are you applying to a position in Canada or the United States from abroad? Learn how you can fulfill the expectations of a North American hiring manager, and how to assemble a culturally appropriate application package.

How to Write a Convincing

Job Application

How you present yourself in your resume can make the difference between being considered for a position and being rejected. I hope the tips I share with you here will help you land an interview next time you apply.

Thinking about applying for a position in the US or Canada from abroad?
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Let us know what would make it easier for you to write a successful job application.

You can complete this 8-question survey in less than 3 minutes. You will get a good sense of what it takes to write a compelling application, and you will be able to view other respondents' answers once you complete the survey. Your anonymous answers will help create editing and coaching services for job seekers like you. 

Test your Knowledge

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How much experience do you have?

  1. I have 8 years experience in the industry.
  2. I have 8 years' experience in the industry.
  3. I have 8 years of experience in the industry.

Option 3


Options 2 and 3 are correct. Because option 2 looks weird to many readers, I recommend using option 3.

How much experience do you have?

How long should your resume be?

  1. It should be exactly 1 page.
  2. A resume of 2-3 pages is ok.
  3. A resume should be as long as it needs to be.

Option 2


You should aim for a 2-page resume unless everything fits comfortably on 1 page. Your resume can be longer if you are applying for a senior role.

How do you treat references?

  1. I list the names and contact information of my references.
  2. I state that references are available upon request.
  3. I do not mention references.

Option 3


Unless explicitly asked for in the job posting, do not list references in your application. Obviously, they are available, so there is no need to state it. Use your space for a more impactful statement!

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