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Useful Resources for Writers and Learners


This website hosts content by Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty. If you like the tips on the website, you can also download a Grammar Girl App, subscribe to the Grammar Girl podcasts, or get your Grammar Girl social media feeds.


Microsoft Word Software

Learn about how to employ Microsoft Word's features and other software tools to make your editing more efficient.

Need an introduction to Microsoft Word?  This website will explain it all.

Spell and grammar checkers

reference management software

Plain Language

Plain Language Association International. Offers conferences, networking and learning opportunities.

The US government site on plain language with guidelines, training materials, and examples.

International Plain Language Federation. Offers training opportunities.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) plain language materials and resources.

The government of Canada website on plain language with detailed guidelines.

Plain English Campaign. Free tools, guides, and training.

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